Sulpayments Takes the Spotlight at Crypto Valley Association’s Annual Risk and Cyber Summit 2023

In a notable recognition of its leadership in financial technology and cryptocurrency security, Sulpayments has been selected as a prominent company to provide insights at the Crypto Valley Association’s Annual Risk and Cyber Summit 2023. This accolade not only underscores Sulpayments’ expertise but also places the company at the forefront of discussions shaping the future of risk management and cybersecurity in the burgeoning crypto landscape.

Situated in Zug, Switzerland, Crypto Valley has established itself as a global hub for blockchain and cryptocurrency innovation. Boasting a concentration of leading blockchain companies, startups, and research institutions, Crypto Valley has become synonymous with cutting-edge developments in distributed ledger technology.

The Crypto Valley Association, a key player in this ecosystem, serves as a bridge connecting various stakeholders in the blockchain and crypto space. Through its events, initiatives, and collaborative efforts, the association fosters an environment conducive to innovation, regulatory compliance, and the advancement of blockchain technologies.

Sulpayments’ Selection: A Testament to Expertise:

Sulpayments’ selection as a featured company for an interview at the Annual Risk and Cyber Summit 2023 speaks volumes about the company’s standing in the crypto and fintech sectors. With a commitment to innovation and security, Sulpayments has become a beacon in navigating the complexities of financial transactions in the evolving digital landscape.

Notably, Sulpayments’ interview at the summit is set to be included in the Crypto Valley Association’s annual research journal. This journal, a prestigious publication in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, serves as a compendium of insights, research, and thought leadership from industry experts. The inclusion of Sulpayments’ interview underscores the company’s thought leadership and its contribution to the ongoing discourse on risk management and cybersecurity.

As Sulpayments prepares to share its expertise at the Annual Risk and Cyber Summit, the recognition from the Crypto Valley Association solidifies its position as a leading player in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The interview’s inclusion in the research journal further underscores Sulpayments’ commitment to advancing the conversation around risk management and cybersecurity in the crypto space.

In a Crypto Valley that continues to be a nucleus of innovation, Sulpayments stands at the forefront, playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of secure and efficient financial transactions within the ever-evolving digital frontier. This recognition not only reflects Sulpayments’ accomplishments but also highlights the collaborative and innovative spirit that defines the Crypto Valley ecosystem.

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About Crypto Valley Association:

The Crypto Valley Association (CVA) is an independent, non-governmental association. Established in 2017, the CVA took advantage of Switzerland’s strengths – openness to innovation and sound regulatory framework, to build the world’s leading blockchain & cryptographic technologies ecosystem. The Crypto Valley Association unites the world’s top blockchain & crypto professionals, and companies. Together, we work to drive growth, collaboration, and integrity across the global blockchain economy. What stemmed as a Swiss local association now has grown into a truly global ecosystem, with CVA’s Regional Chapters and with active connections to similar hubs around the world.

About SulPayments:

SULPAYMENTS mission is to provide the best tailored TradFi and Web3 payment solutions to businesses to please customers’ preferences. In that way we help our clients accept local currencies by focusing on LatAm so that those clients can expand into that region and amplify their sales.

We do that in an efficient, timely, compliant and seamless manner with the main goal to ensure fast and hassle free cross border transactions.

More info visit:

Imagine you want to offer your product in a LatAm country, let’s say Brazil. Then you need a local company, accept local currencies in a local bank. Sulpayments a one-stop-shop gateway to LatinAmerica. 

Our vision is a seamless financial future by bringing the worlds of traditional finance (TradFi) and decentralised web (Web3) empowering our clients with secure, flexible and compliant solutions.

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