SulPayments at the 2024 Crypto Valley Conference

Recently, SulPayments was able to attend the prestigious Crypto Valley event, a meeting that brings together the main leaders and innovators in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. It was a unique opportunity to share knowledge, establish new connections and discuss the future of financial technologies.

Valuable connections

During the event, we had the opportunity to connect with various professionals and companies in the technology sector and share our vision for innovation. The conversations were inspiring and showed us that we are on the right track to continue innovating and offering cutting-edge financial solutions.

Innovation in Focus

Attending an event of this size allowed us to absorb the latest trends and advances in the area of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. We discussed security, regulation and

the practical applications of these technologies. These insights are valuable for improving our services and keeping up to date with market demands.

One of the best moments of the event was the participation of our CEO, Tilmar Goos, in one of the main panels. Tilmar had the opportunity to debate alongside other big names in the industry, addressing crucial issues for the future of cryptocurrencies. His strategic vision and experience were highlights of the discussion, reinforcing SulPayments’ position as a relevant player in the market.


Tilmar shared insights on the importance of security in financial transactions, the need for clear regulations and the potential of cryptocurrencies to transform the global financial system. His contributions were very well received and generated significant engagement among the participants

Looking to the future

Our participation in Crypto Valley reinforces our commitment to innovation and continuous development. We return from this event even more motivated to seek solutions that meet the needs of our clients and the constantly evolving financial market.

Tilmar Goos mentioned: “Attending the Crypto Valley Conference underscored the future of payments with crypto. These payments are faster, cheaper, and more secure, offering significant benefits to users. We’re committed to compliance and excited to lead the way in making these efficient solutions widely accessible.”

About SulPayments:

SULPAYMENTS mission is to provide the best tailored TradFi and Web3 payment solutions to businesses to please customers’ preferences. In that way we help our clients accept local currencies by focusing on LatAm so that those clients can expand into that region and amplify their sales.

We do that in an efficient, timely, compliant and seamless manner with the main goal to ensure fast and hassle free cross border transactions.

Imagine you want to offer your product in a LatAm country, let’s say Brazil. Then you need a local company, accept local currencies in a local bank. Sulpayments a one-stop-shop gateway to LatinAmerica.

Our vision is a seamless financial future by bringing the worlds of traditional finance (TradFi) and decentralised web (Web3) empowering our clients with secure, flexible and compliant solutions.

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