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At Sul Payments, we pride ourselves on being the only company operating in the Latin American payment landscape with full authorization from the Swiss authorities as a member of the VQF (Swiss Financial Services Standards). This distinction underscores our commitment to upholding the highest standards of integrity and compliance. Whether as part of a comprehensive payment solution or as a standalone product, we offer unparalleled assistance to streamline your operations, making them faster and more cost-efficient.

By choosing Sul Payments, you'll not only save valuable time, effort, and resources but also gain access to a solution that has been meticulously tested and refined in one of the countries with the highest regulatory and compliance standards.

Why choose us?

ON/OFF Ramp Rails across LATAM

We have combined our expertise in payments in the region, crossborder and in country, to provide your business with a fast and reliable payment rail solution. Accept payments from your customers in Cryptocurrency or their local FIAT currency and preferred payment methods in Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Peru whilst choosing the most convenient currency to settle your funds whether in Fiat currency (USD, EURO, BRL and CHF) or Stablecoins.

Robust KYC

At Sulpayments, we have an extensive experience working with some of the largest’s exchanges in the world, adhering to the highest standards in the industry. Leveraging this extensive experience, we've developed a groundbreaking product tailored to companies seeking to establish operations in Latin Americal while remaining fully compliant with local regulations and effectively mitigating risks and fraud. Our innovative system is designed to empower crypto companies and exchanges of all sizes to thrive in the region, within a stable and compliant environment. With real-time KYC checks and a unique infrastructure specifically crafted to meet the needs of crypto exchanges, our product offers unparalleled advantages.

OTC service

We offer a seamless trading of USDT over the counter solution, providing you with unparalleled convenience and efficiency. Whether you are an individual trader, institutional investor or business entity our OTC services cater to your specific needs offering customizable solutions according to your requirements.

Don’t let payment barriers hinder your expansion in Latin America, embrace innovation and unlock a world of opportunity.

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